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Familiar Gathering of UMM Graduate Program Takes Place Festive and Solemn

UMM Graduate Program (PPs-UMM) took place festive and solemn. The event was attended by the chief of the university and the the chief of Graduate Program of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang. Among them were Prof. Dr. Sujono, M.Kes, (Vice Rector I); Drs. Mursidi, MM (Vice Rector II); Dr. Latipun, M.Kes (Director of PPs-UMM); Prof. Dr. Syamsul Arifin, M.Si. (Vice Director I) and all the chiefs of the study programs at PPs-UMM and Staffs.


Interestingly, this event was joined by one of students of Erasmus Mundus program who had finished his study at Sociology Master Program. He is Isdro Equilar Bermundez, Spanish student.

Prof. Dr. Syamsul Arifin, M.Si. (Vice Rector I) and Dr. Vina Salviana D.S., M.Si. hand over a souvenir to Isidro Equilar Bermundez


Meanwhile, the best GPA of Graduate Program was achieved by Chamim Tohari, a student from Islamic Studies Master Program. His GPA is 3.65 with honor.

Dr. Latipun, M.Kes (Director of PPs-UMM) hands over a souvenir to Chamim Tohari, the best GPA student of Gradiate Program.


Sourceperson:  Staff of UMM Graduate Program





Registration for new students of UMM Graduate Program of even semester 2010 / 2011 is closed February 18, 2011. Please registrate soon to Graduate Program of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang Jl. Bandung No 01 Malang, phone 0341-551253 or send via email:

Result of Seminar and Academic Visit:


From 3-6 of February 2010, a number of 22 students of Education Policy and Development/Magister Kebijakan dan Pengembangan Pendidikan (MKPP) Master Program University of Muhammadiyah Malang (PPs-UMM) organize seminar and academic visit to several education institution in Malaysia and Singapura. During the seminar and visit, students were accompanied by Prof.Dr. Syamsul Arifin, M.Si and Dr. Dwi Priyo Utomo, M.Pd.

According to Vice Rector I of PPs-UMM, Prof.Dr. Syamsul Arifin, M.Si, the event has been held since three years ago by MKPP students. So, Syamsul continued, it was bottom up. Syamsul further explained, management of PPs-UMM starting from director and vice director, chief of study programs, even the chief of the university responded the event well. According to the Professor of Sociology of Religion, the program should be responded well because the benefits in it. The two benefits stressed by Syamsul was developing theoretical and empirical insights. “Master Program students are required to have broader theoretical and empirical insights. The first insight can be obtained from various references which contain theory development of particular discipline. Meanwhile, the second insight is experience obtained through observation and involement to any events,” Syamsul confirmed.

The similar opinion was stated by the Chief of MKPP Study Program, Dr. Dwi Priyo Utomo, M.Pd. According to the Education Doctor of Mathematics, the academic visit to sevaral institutions in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore were one of the efforts to develop empirical insight. Furthermore, the academic visit designed by MKPP student was not an ordinary visit, but a visit accompanied by seminar. On every visit to an institution, MKPP students always organize seminar. In the seminar, students presented paper and had dialogue with the institution. Thus, students also would be able to test their theoretical insight. 

The Next Agenda

According to Syamsul Arifin as Vice Director I of PPS UMM, considering to the important of the seminar and overseas visit, PPs-UMM would make the program as one of flagship program. Syamsul called it "internalization program" of Graduate Program students. In the next years, the participation will be expanded. In addition, in the previous three years the program was only attended by MKPP students. According to Syamsul, in the following years it will be attended by all PPs-UMM students from Masters and Doctoral Programs who would be endorsed to join the program. Through the program, all PPs-UMM students especially who are preparing their thesis and dessertation are encouraged to organized seminar in foreign country. When he was being asked about funding, Syamsul asserted that the funding comes from the students as it has been experienced by MKPP students.


The latest edition of Salam, Social Sciences Journal of UMM Master Program, (Volume 12, No.2 July– December 2009) has been released.

On this edition, Salam Journal issued 10 articles, more number of articles than the previous edition (Volume 12 No. 1 January-June 2009). As the previous editions, the theme of the articles issued by Salam is the variety of PPs-UMM study programs. 

On the initial pages, Salam issued an article written by Vina Salviana D.S., a Doctoral candidate from Airlangga University Graduate Program in Surabaya. The article is about interpretative approach of social sciences. According to Vina Salviana D.S., interpretative approach is one of working ways in social sciences which stresses more on understanding to find meaning of an event or social practices in particular social context.

In the following pages, Sugeng Pujileksono wrote article which explored several theoretical perspectives of jail life studies. This article chategorizes jail as a total institution, that is an institution which limits human attitude so that they are isolated physically from their social environments. Recently, Indonesian jails are publicly spotlighted after the case of luxury facilities enjoyed by a few number of convicts. According to Sugeng Pujileksono, this condition has become one of the interesting points of jail as one of field studies in Sociology.

From Sociology topics, it then turns into various topics of Islamic Studies. In this section, Salam issued five interesting articles as follow: first, Tafsir Sosial Ideologi Keagamaan Kaum Muda Muhammadiyah: Telaah terhadap Fenomena Jaringan Intelektual Muda Muhammadiyah (JIMM), written by Biyanto. Biyanto's article is interesting because it tried to reveal contemporary phenomena in Muhammadiyah, that is the rise of new intellectualism designed by Young Intellectuals of Muhammadiyah especially who are involved in Jaringan Intelektual Muda Muhammadiyah (JIMM).

Second, it is an article written by Pradana Boy, JIMM activist and lecture of Islamic Faculty (FAI) University of Muhammadiyah Malang. In his article, Pradana Boy tried to analyse Muslim elites' perceptions about women position through three perspectives wide developed outside Islam, such as moderate, liberal and fundamental. Besides, it tried to analyse factors which had formed the opinions and method they use to understand raligious texts related to women.

Third, it is an article entitled Relasi Sains Modern dan Sains Islam: Suatu Upaya Pencarian Paradigma Baru. This article was written by Moh. Dahlan, a Doctor of Pholosophy of Law from UIN Sunan Kalijaga. Through this article, Moh. Dahlan who had previously written a book Abdullah Ahmed an-Nai’im: Epistemologi Hukum Islam (2009), tried to elaborate though of Ian G. Barbour related to the relation between science and religion.

Fourth, it is article Sekularisasi Politik: Pengalaman Amerika Serikat dan Dunia Islam written by Ahmad Nur Fuad, a Master of Islamic Studies from Institute of Islamic Studies, McGill University, Montreal, Canada. In many parts of the world, secularization is a crucial concept which invites long debate. There are many people of the world refuse secularization because it is considered not appreciative to the position and role of a religion in public sphere. However, is it true that secularization will foster to such kind of social condition? Ahmad Nur Fuad had his own interesting perspective on it.

Fifth, it is article of Islamic Studies written by Muhammad. In the article Label Halal dan Spiritualitas Bisnis: Interpretasi atas Bisnis Home Industry, the expert of Economy of Islam from STAIN Palangkaraya, Kalimantan Tengah, stated the importance of halal certification. According to Muhammad, halal label can encourage polite business attitude which is care not only to profit values, but also to social and spiritual values.

besides those articles mentioned above, Salam also issued three other articles which tries to respond the development in the societies through social studies. Those are Mediasi sebagai Alternatif Penyelesaian Sengketa di Luar Pengadilan (Sugiatminingsih); Model Resolusi Konflik Pilkada (Wahyudi); and Kajian Amortasi dalam Manajemen Sistem Teknologi Irigasi (Jabal Tarik Ibrahim).


Editorial Staff

Pps Umm Malang – Paramadina foundation

Seminar and Book Launching, Membela Kebebasan Beragama Percakapan Sekulerisme, Liberalisme, dan Pluralisme.

The development of pluralism discussed in the book Membela Kebebasan Beragama and was presented in the seminar in UMM Inn on January 21, 2010. The seminar presented Romo Eko Armada Riyanto (Rector of STFT Malang), Budy Munawar (Editor of Paramadina Press) and Syamsul Arifin (Vice Director I of PPS-UMM). The seminar moderated by Vina Salfiana (Chief of the Master of Sociology Department UMM) brought the more open discourse to the life of Indonesian communities. The seminar was opened by the Vice Rector I of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang, Prof. Dr. Sujono, M.Kes. He stated that togetherness is a bless. So, this scientific discourse make high-minded life. The event was attended by various parties starting from practitioners, students, and management parties of universities trhoughout East Java.